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Heaven and earth cover series

The full-automatic lid box making machine has reasonable design, stable performance and reaches the same technical level in the world. It is the best equipment for producing high-grade and high-quality lid boxes. PLC control, photoelectric tracking and positioning, hydraulic deviation correction and touch screen man-machine interface are adopted to realize automatic feeding of face paper, gluing of face paper, automatic transportation of paperboard, paperboard sticking angle, deviation correction, positioning and fitting, carton edging forming and other actions at one time, which can effectively replace manual production and significantly improve production efficiency and carton finished product quality. It is suitable for high-grade carton packaging such as electronic equipment packaging box, shoe box, cosmetics box, shirt box, moon cake box, wine box, cigarette box, tea box and so on.

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Cover machine series

Feida conveys face paper, automatically glues, fits with paperboard, and wraps edges on all sides at one time. It is suitable for hardcover book case, notebook cover, desk calendar, wall calendar, book box, folder, special-shaped cover, etc.

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Supporting equipment

In the early, middle and late stage of color box production, there are many different processing processes to deal with gray board, face paper and other materials. We provide the supporting equipment required in these links.

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